Connecting with Nature

Then & Now – Connecting Traditions

Judy De La Vergne’s dad used a “hands-on” approach when teaching her to fish. “He would say different things about how to use the pole. You either learned to tie your fly on or you didn’t get to fish. We still go fishing and my kids go fishing with him.”

An avid kayaker, Eddie Velazquez says his early experiences in nature made him really independent and unafraid to try new things. Today he shares his outdoor interests with his family. “I never stop hearing, ‘Hey Dad, can we go out on a hike?’ And I say, ‘Sure!’”

Still happiest when she is outside, Susan Ballinger enjoys many outdoor activities with her family. “I think all the worries of life disappear when you’re outside and take time to listen to the birds and to hike. It’s renewing especially when you share it with other people.”

Skip Johnson continues to be inspired by the Columbia River. A leader of the Complete the Loop Coalition he says, “I just had to be part of the effort to allow others to enjoy the river once the Loop Trail opportunity arose. Having the Loop out there today means other people can have the opportunity to enjoy the river as I did when I was a kid.”

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