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The Plants Think it’s Spring in December!

I took this photo today on Nine Mile Ranch, near Molson. The Wax Currant (Ribes Cereum) buds are showing signs of early spring… before winter has even begun. What a strange autumn we are having!

Update from Nine Mile Ranch (Okanogan Highlands)

It has been a cool summer in the highlands so far, but the plant cycles are marching forward anyway – perhaps more slowly, but certainly in forward motion. The lupine have been setting seed into their pea-like pods, while still bearing some beautiful blossoms. Likewise, the noxious weeds are beginning to set seeds, prompting many locals to pull weeds with more speed than ever. We have been using agricultural strength vinegar (20% acetic acid) to spray weeds, and it’s very effective on the new seedlings that continue to come up in vast numbers.

Lupine beginning to set seed

If you look closely, you can see at least one seed pod. Photo taken during the week of July 11th.

Early Summer Rainbow and wildflowers
Yarrow and Lupine splashed the foreground as I stood captivated by a full double rainbow (June 24)